Karen Soriano

If it hadn’t been for Susan’s help there is no way we would have gotten through all the many options for Medicare and a supplement plan. Susan was very patient and helped us tremendously. I recommend Susan to all my family and friends.

Deacon Pete DePrima

A friend of ours recommended Susan. He said she was very knowledgeable regarding Medicare Plans and that’s exactly what my wife and I needed. We contacted Susan and she immediately returned our call. we spoke for a while on the phone and I was convinced that she...

Paul & Marlien Stevens

Marlien & I retired last year and switched out of our work plan to Medicare B with supplemental insurance and a prescription drug plan. I wanted to work through a local agent that would help us get things set up and would be there if we had questions or wanted to...

Kim Baldwin

I don’t know how I found Susan, but it was my lucky day. She helped me navigate the Medicare mess, leaving me comfortable with my choices. She also helped me with a claims problem and took considerable time to resolve it for me. .She’s knowledgeable, professional and...

Barbara Starosciak

Susan is such a blessing! I had to register my husband, my elderly father and myself with Medicare. Susan worked with us to make it so much easier. I also appreciate that I can e-mail her with any question and she tries her best to steer us towards the answers.