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Susan Pepe is the kind of professional that is a rare find these days and is a breath of fresh air! We purchased Long-Term care insurance from her after my Mother died in 2009 and we saw how difficult end of life care can be. She is always accessible to her clients, she explains things in a way that anyone can understand and, best of all, she’s got your back. Apparently, I thought I’d paid our last quarterly premium but had completed the online transaction. Also, I usually throw out paper notices without opening them because we pay online, but open one this last time and saw our premium was about to lapse for non-payment. We immediately got a call from Susan who said, she noticed we’d not paid and knew it was “not like you” to not pay and thought she should follow-up. In short, even if I had thrown out that notice, Susan had our back. Thank you for being you!
Louise Kiernan JonesVERO BEACH