Susan is a licensed agent specializing in Long Term Care Insurance and Medicare Insurance Products. She is certified in Long Term Care Partnership Programs and Medicare Supplement, Medicare Advantage, and Medicare Part D Prescription Plans.

She began her insurance career in 1999 a few years after her personal experience of seeing the harsh reality of the emotional and financial burden a long term care event can bring to a family when her Great Aunt suffered a series of strokes. With no advance care plan, other than the money in her savings, her Great Aunt’s care choices were limited. The cost for her care completely drained her savings. This gave Susan her passion to help individuals and couples protect their independence while preserving their assets.

Susan also learned from clients on Medicare that there was a need to understand how the different options available such as Medicare Supplements, Medicare Advantage, and the Part D prescription plans work. With encouragement from her clients, Susan added Medicare Products to her insurance portfolio in 2001.

Whether her client is looking for long term care insurance or Medicare Insurance, Susan’s approach is the same: “Clients need to have clarity. They want to understand not only why it is important to have the specific insurance, but what it will do for them when they need to use it. The insurance must meet their needs.”

She lives in Flemington with her husband, Eric, and their dogs.

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